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Since its inception in 2004, SORD has continued to be an innovative leader within the world wide tactical market. SORD has continued to shape and develop its capability to ensure that it lives by its phrase,

"Innovation, not imitation"

Special Operations Research and Development (SORD) is a Melbourne-based manufacturing company exclusively owned and operated by former Special Forces members. With backgrounds in various Infantry and Special Forces units, both from the US and from abroad, the staff's diverse skillbase enables

SORD to provide comprehensive client support by offering advice based on experience and the intimate understanding of user requirements.

SORD's extensive range of equipment has been designed, manufactured and produced to provide the operator with a solid platform from which to work in high stress environments. It will meet the demands of your current and future requirements.

SORD maintains a discrete location and low profile company site, as well as being able to conduct off site conferencing. Staff members ensure discretion is practiced and adhered to with clients, while maintaining anonymity of user groups in advertising and promotional material.

SORD specializes in specific custom development and can develop and tailor a request to the individual unit / department's need.SORD's confidentiality agreement to its clients understands the sensitive nature of their work, workplace and equipment. Any product developed & designed in conjunction with SORD will not be divulged, nor will any images, discussions and overflow of production be sold to the general public, nor used as a marking tool, such as 'we build this for......' or 'as used by'.

SORD continues to provide the tactical operator with the best tactical equipment currently on the market or in development.

SORD has the capacity to source or produce industry leading, state-of-the-art police and military tactical equipment, in the form of tactical nylon equipment, clothing and personal protective equipment to enhance operators' capability.

SORD regularly liaises with our international associates to ensure we are offering our clients the best equipment in the world, no exceptions, no excuses.


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