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Precision Shooting Courses & Training Packages


Orange Accuracy is a rifle shooting and long range shooting specialist niche provider. Born from current operational exponents, Orange Accuracy combines tested techniques with technology, whilst underpinning the performance with sound principles of marksmanship. Orange Accuracy is a research, development, training and performance provider.

Orange Accuracy has been born from over 10 years professional shooting, training and operations. Throughout this time we have tested and proven many of the world’s current best practices in the art of rifle and long range precision shooting. With this experience we can offer you the most up to date and technically correct shooting and coaching methods to increase your shooting skills and knowledge.  
Orange Accuracy is dedicated to increasing your ability whether you have just obtained your firearm’s licence and are wishing to build a solid foundation to establish your shooting career. Orange Accuracy is aimed at everyone from elite shooters who rely on their rifle for a livelihood to beginners and everyone in between. Knowledge is power, all our courses provide the theory and science of how and why, along with the time to put it all into practice, increasing both knowledge, power and skill.  
Our director and head instructor, Jay is a long time firearms instructor, holds a current Australian Capital Territory Firearm’s Instructors Certificate, Certificate IV in Training, with Orange Accuracy’s courses registered and gazetted with the A.C.T. Government. Although we are ACT based we travel - bringing the knowledge and skill to you.   
Contact us so we can discuss your requirements for training and venues.



M:+61 400 523 953

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all products to members who undertake any of Jay's training packages.


Any shooter that claims to be an expert has even more to learn than the next person!!!!!!



1 Day 

This program is designed for those new to the sport and art of rifle shooting. In a friendly and 'no-stress' environment we will take you through all you need to know to get your journey into this time honoured skill started. Our aim is to give you enough professional knowledge and skill to safely get your shooting pastime off to the best possible start.


We will carefully walk you through safe handling of not only your chosen rifle, but we will give you the training and confidence to handle other firearms you are likely to encounter in your newly chosen past-time. We then move onto the correct and safe set up, and maintenance of your rifle so that it will be as accurate as possible for as long as possible. Moving on from here we take you through correct shooting positions and techniques, followed by how best to obtain your zero including the theory behind this process. We finish the day with a few tips and tricks to help on your path to shooting success and safety.



2 Days

This is designed for the shooter that has been around the traps a few times, and is now looking to take their shooting / marksmanship to the next level. Whether you're looking to increase your accuracy or you want to start pushing your hunting / sporting rifle to the edge of its ability and range, we have the training, tips and techniques to help you do it. This package will give the understanding of both internal and external ballistics that you need to be able to get your rifle shooting as accurately as it can, as well as giving you the knowledge to start pushing its range to its outer limits.  We also delve into various shooting positions so you can make those first round hits on your desired target with confidence.



L.R.B. - Two Days / L.R.E. - Four Days

Time poor but want to stretch your rifle’s legs? Our two day package will get you well and truly on your way to reaching your long range goals. During the two days we discuss and explain internal and external ballistics along with how the environmental conditions, including wind, are going to affect your projectile all the way out to your target.  After these two days you’ll leave with a confidence in yourself and your kit that will have you knocking over targets at distance.
Four Day
Our four day long range package is our two day package on steroids - more science, more knowledge, more range time, MORE CONFIDENCE! If distance is what you desire this is the course for you. This course requires a higher level rifle, scope and ammunition package (contact us to discuss this further). As we reach out further, ballistic software is your greatest ally - we prefer Applied Ballistics or Field Firing Solutions, as these will save you both time and money (and reloading time).Contact us to discuss your best options so we can personalise to your needs.


The legal stuff...


  • Current and Valid Firearms Licence with the relevant firearms category endorsement.

  • Photograph identification other than Firearms Licence

  • Your own rifle and ammunition (round numbers vary – please ask for requirements prior to your course)

  • All relevant safety equipment required for practical range practice, e.g. hearing protection, eye protection, enclosed footwear.

  • Copy of documentation proving ownership or being a register user of the firearm to be used for the course.

  • National Police Clearance from your home jurisdiction:












All participants are bound by the Firearms Laws of their home Jurisdiction, the Laws of jurisdiction in which the course is being undertaken and those of Australian Federal Law. By signing up to undertake any and all courses facilitated by Orange Accuracy you submit to abide by these relevant laws.


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